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Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school

Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley

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        Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

 Tai Chi Classes & Qigong Lessons in Aldershot, Farnham, Mytchett, Farnborough, Blackwater & Hawley /Camberley areas of Surrey & Hampshire


Above:  Cherry Collins, Surrey and Hants Tai Chi & Qigong teacher 

Forthcoming classes:

Chen Taijiquan

 2- hour, outdoor classes in the Aldershot area

For students fairly confident with Laojia Yi Lu:

Saturdays 12 noon -2pm

25 Sept

9 & 23 Oct

6 & 20 Nov

Booking opens in September


Indoor Classes 

Classes run in line with our Covid Risk Assessment 

and Covid-Safe Action Plan

All classes must be booked in advance


Mytchett Community Centre GU16 6AA

10.00- 10.55 Tai Chi Qigong group 1

11.05-12.00 Tai Chi 24 & Qigong for returners

12.05-1.00 Tai Chi Qigong group 2



 Mytchett Community Centre GU16 6AA

9.30am Tai Chi 24 for experienced students

10.35 am Tai Chi 24 for experienced students


Canal Visitors' Centre Mytchett GU16 6DD

A NEW CLASS: Starts 9th September

Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm 

Zen Sanctuary

 Seated Qigong Stretches and Guided Meditation 

in a softly lit, tranquil space 

Book now or contact us



St Mark's Farnborough GU14

NEW CLASS: Starts 9th September


Beginners' Tai Chi & Qigong

St Mark's Church Hall

Guildford Road East

South Farnborough GU14 6TU

Learn traditional Tai Chi 

to improve your health and wellbeing

in enjoyable, informative, 

progressive classes

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Contact us if you have a question


Our Zoom timetable:

Mondays 7pm Qigong

(finishes on 26th July - this class is not restarting in September)

Thursdays 7pm Qigong

(Finishes on 29th July & restarts on 9th September)

Fridays 10am Qigong

(Finishes on 27th July and restarts on 10th September)

The cost of our classes is £7 per class (Zoom £5), payable by the month in advance. 


Online learning options are:

1. Pre-Recorded, any-time  Video Learning

£15 per month (£10 if you also attend Zoom / Face to face clases) - Unlimited viewing

and / or

2. Live, interactive scheduled internet classes via 'Zoom'

£20/£30 per month depending on the number of classes you attend per week

It's important, for the good of our emotional and mental health, to feel a part of something . If you're one of many who don't feel safe meeting in a group class just yet, we can still connect with another through our online community 

Through your Tai Chi & Qigong practice, you'll tap into your natural ability to stay well Your practice will strengthen your immune system and soothe your mind,  promoting a sense of joyful well being and contentment 

Online Learning Options:

Option 1: Unlimited, Anytime,  Pre-recorded Video learning 

A Video subscription costs £15 for a  full month  with no rolling contract.

It gives you access to 300 plus teaching / follow me / theory videos at any time of day or night and as many times as you want, during your subscription period

Subscribe one month at a time for £15,  or £10 per month if you also attend Zoom classes or attend our classes in person

Everything you'll learn via the videos is supported by and is transferable to, our physical classes

Click here to see list of videos available and / or to buy Video subscription 

Option 2:  Live, Interactive, Timetabled Zoom classes 

Prefer a scheduled live class where there's a bit of real-time interaction between us?  That's where ZOOM comes in! Zoom is a type of group video calling platform which revolutionised the teaching and learning of all manner of things during Lockdown.

The benefit: I can see & hear you and you can see & hear me!

Just like the classes at our venues, we have a regular weekly Zoom timetable

We offer a three different levels of access to Zoom:

£20 per month for one class per week or 4  classes per month*

£30 per month for two classes per week or 8 classes per month*

* you can swap between the different classes, it doesn't have to be the same class every week. If you miss a class one week, just take two in another week.

Click here for more Zoom Timetable & /or to buy a ZOOM class subscription 


No Contracts, No joining fees 

Pay by the month, only for a long as you want to come


Pic: Surrey & Hants Tai Chi Instructor, Cherry  Collins 

Why choose Surrey & Hants Tai Chi? 

Our traditional arts are explained fully and supported by Tai Chi & Qigong principles 

Tuition is provided in a relaxed, friendly environment 

With our instructor's guidance you will develop Tai Chi & Qigong skills with correct technique and underpinning knowledge

Outside of classes, our website and Vimeo video  channel are a resource for our students. We enjoy investing time in building this resource and we hope you'll find it useful to support your learning, for a small additional subscription of £10 per month

We've been providing popular classes in the area since 2010

Regular, correct practice of Tai Chi & Qigong will help you:

 Relax and unwind 

Improve health and longevity

Boost your immune system 

 Prevent illness and injury

Promote healing and aid recovery

Increase strength and flexibility 

Reduce stiffness, aches and pains

Tone up and improve your posture

Improve your balance and coordination 

 Function better under pressure 

Gain a sense of well-being and contentment 

Boost your confidence and lift your mood

Give you a new start

Unlike most Tai chi schools who throw beginners in with experienced learners, we have different Tai Chi and Qigong classes at various levels, with separate classes for complete beginners so you don't need to feel under pressure to keep up with people who have been learning for months or years.

At SHTC there are no contracts to sign, no joining fees, no compulsory termly subscription. The most we ask for up front is just one month

Our Instructors are fully qualified in the subject they teach and hold Public Liability / Professional Indemnity insurance 


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