Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

        Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

 Tai Chi Classes & Qigong Lessons in Aldershot, Tongham, Mytchett, Farnborough

& Camberley areas of Surrey & Hampshire

  Separate classes for different levels of experience - daytime & evening classes from complete beginner

Pay weekly only when you attend  

Welcome to Surrey and Hants Tai Chi

Since you've landed on our website you've probably already researched the numerous benefits that Tai Chi and Qigong practice have to offer and you're probably looking to start improving your wellbeing sometime soon 

 So, you've come to the right place :)


Pic: Surrey & Hants Tai Chi Instructor, Cherry  Collins 

Why choose Surrey & Hants Tai Chi? 

We don't offer 'waft-along in silence and wonder what's going on' type classes.

 Neither do we talk in esoteric cryptic terms that you won't understand 

Everything is explained fully and backed up by Tai Chi principles

We don't teach a system of healing or movement that we made up ourselves - everything is straight from Chinese Masters, studied dilligently and passed on in it's purest form   

 Hands on adjustments will be given where needed, (if you don't mind..) and progress comes at a speed that's right for you. Tuition is provided in a relaxed, friendly environment

But that doesn't mean you won't be encouraged to work hard 

You will develop  REAL Tai Chi & Qigong skills with correct technique and underpinning knowledge

Outside of classes, our website and YouTube channel are a resource for our students. We enjoy investing time in building this resource and we hope you'll find useful to support your learning

We're continually growing. We hope to watch you grow too :)

 No contracts, no memberships and no upfront payments - pay on the day only when you attend. Separate Tai Chi classes for different levels.


Now enrolling September 2017 classes 

But you can still join any of our Qigong classes before then 

Click here if you want to read about our beginners classes 

Click here if you want to see our Improvers / Intermediates classes   


 A short video of a selection of our classes 


Regular, correct practice of Tai Chi & Qigong will help you:

 Relax and unwind 

Improve health and longevity

Boost your immune system 

 Prevent illness and injury

Promote healing and aid recovery

Increase strength and flexibility 

Reduce stiffness, aches and pains

Tone up and improve your posture

Improve your balance and coordination 

 Function better under pressure 

Gain a sense of well-being and contentment 

Boost your confidence and lift your mood

Give you a new start

Unlike most Tai chi schools, we have separate Tai Chi classes for complete beginners and those who have made some progress already, so you don't need to feel under pressure to keep up with people who have been learning for years.

At SHTC there are no contracts, no joining fees, no compulsory monthly subscription. Pay weekly, only when you attend. Discounts apply for multi-class attendance within the same week

Our Instructors are fully qualified in the subject they teach, registered with the Tai Chi Union of GB and hold Public Liability insurance and First Aid Certificates.


Would you like to find out more?

There are several ways to interact with us:

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2. Click here to go to our Timetable

3. Click here to Contact Us - to ask a question or join a class  

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